The Philosophy of Our Private Luxury Rehab

The Philosophy of Passages Malibu is unique and natural in its actuality; it is very different from that of any other recovery center’s philosophy in California or even the world. Many luxury facilities boast their treatment programs for addiction as something that can be treated through their detached medication or detoxification services. Such services force its clients to agree on being weak, they have to agree on being sick to be treated. Any reluctance on the former fact is considered evasive attitude towards one’s addiction.  This type of negative thinking is hammered into the client, they are first broken down and then built on wobbly roots.

Our purpose is to not consider addiction as a disease; we aim to inspire a healthy reconnection with your body, soul, and mind through a discreet methodology. We believe that addiction is a part of the client’s unstable lifestyle, which needs to be re-oriented through natural means and methods. Passages Malibu’s philosophy employs such natural methods to give the client strength and positive attitude to become rehabilitated and recover through their own power in a private environment.

Moreover, the holistic remedies used in our recovery programs are completely natural, they are executed on recovering addicts to give them strength physically, mentally, and spiritually. These holistic services include nutritional supplements, therapeutic exercises, yoga, acupuncture, and many other natural remedies. Passages Malibu ensures a natural and safe recovery for its clients and through its unique methods it secures a lifetime of sobriety.

The Four Chief Causes for Addiction

Passages Malibu focuses on one-on-one therapy during their addiction recovery programs; it gives the clients full attention without any distraction of judgment from their peers through complete confidentiality. We believe that the client are the biggest clues on how to treat their addiction. After an in-depth evaluation, we create a personalized private program that minimizes the rate of failure and relapse during the clients stay. Professional specialist evaluates the client’s issue on arrival, so its primary cause is revealed and is treated. On these evaluative research-based results, our researchers have pointed out four chief causes for addiction:

  1. Chemical Imbalance
  2. Unresolved issues from past events
  3. Inability to cope with current personal issues
  4. Accepting false beliefs