The Private Luxury Rehab —Story behind Passages Malibu, California

Before Passages Malibu came into being, Pax Prentiss went through addiction troubles that almost destroyed his life. As a young man, he became heavily addicted to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. His father, Chris Prentiss, had no idea how his son had fallen into the clutches of substance abuse. Pax used to abuse substances on a daily basis, until one day, he stumbled upon his self-made bed of thorns and became completely isolated. This shocked him into admitting his addiction issues to his friends and family.

Pax realized that few seconds of glory on a substance high was far less enticing than what its cons were. He admitted that he needed help to recover from the addictive behavior to his father, who enrolled his son in 12-step and AA programs so that he can find the strength to fight against the substance abuse. However, this treatment backfired.

Instead of being felt understood and safe, Pax felt cornered and ridiculed during the traditional treatments. He felt extremely embarrassed and incompatible with conventional recovery programs. Moreover, his addiction was pointed out to be a “disease” that was a weakness on his part; he was declared an “addict” in need of treatment. This did not inspire nor encourage him to recover, rather, he felt sick and relapsed where he could hide from this weakness.

Chris after discussing the situation with his son understood that his treatment had gone awry. He understood it was not Pax’s fault, rather the treatment had not suited his son’s needs. Little did they know that at the moment of this realization, Passage Malibu had already begun to forge itself in their minds. Chris knew that his son needed something more – something special that would fit the scope of such a treatment that was personalizedfor Pax’saddictive habits.

Both Pax and Chris conducted an open-minded research on substance abuse recovery treatments. After vigorously weeding through the traditional form of treatments, they found lesser known alternative methods. These methods were an amalgamation of hidden western and eastern philosophies that emphasized personal growth in a reclusive luxury environment for the recovery of any addiction. Moreover, they had a positive effect on Pax as he followed this approach on his father’s request.

Thus in 2001, Pax and Chris by a successful recovery resolved to help others through their facility known as the Passages Malibu. It uses the same philosophy as Pax applied on himself, he is proud to say that ever since this discovery, he has helped thousands of individuals with a similar dilemma. Now, Passages Malibu aims to lead individuals with substance abuse problems on a spiritual journey that recovers their bodies to full-health naturally. Our arms are open to everyone who needs help to recover, including you.