Passages Malibu: The Finest Private Luxury Rehab Center in California

Being an excellent provider of exclusive luxury rehabilitation ever since 2001, Passages Malibu has established loyal clientele from all over the world.  Those people who seek privacy and a peaceful environment for their recovery are given a luxurious safe-haven at Passages Malibu, which contributes to our Centers popularity. Passages Malibu aims to emphasize the client’s needs before any other services such as openly providing luxury amenities and a large array of Holistic services, which makes it different from other rehab providers. It is located at a naturally beautiful site as it outlooks the grand views of the Pacific Ocean, we embrace this calming locale and use it to empower our clients spiritually and psychologically during their healing process.

Actively working to help its community for over 16 years with addiction issues, Passages Malibu has successfully accomplished to create a high-tech and awe-inspiring revolutionary personalized treatment based on research-based results. We aim to offer the finest of comforts and a relaxing journey for our clients so that they can learn to reconnect with themselves and their sober lives.  The private luxury rehab program at our facility entails more than 60 hours of individual therapy by experienced staff. They are committed to providing quality services in their area of expertise to ensure an effective recovery by designing a personalized treatment program based on the client’s evaluation.

Our staff ensures trust and understanding through their friendly behavior; it promotes a healthy connection of the client and the luxury environment. Not only are the clients given a safe-haven for their recovery in our facility, but they are also kept healthy of the mind and body through healing massages, reflexology exercises, and yoga lessons. Moreover, our facility also includes tennis courts, gym services, and many other services of the like. We are always ready to take in any individual that seeks help from us through our dynamic system of treatment programs. Whenever you or your loved one, need a place to recover and expect luxury treatment services, all you need to do is call us. We will dedicate our services to give you a safe and remote journey towards recovery and sobriety.

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Passages Malibu Co-Founders: Chris and Pax Prentis

Pax Prentiss, co-founder, and CEO of Passages Malibu understands the difficulties one can face during recovery as he is also an ex-addict. Chris, Pax’s father, watched as his son suffers because of his cocaine, heroin, and alcohol abuse. On the insistence of his father, Pax actively participated in group therapy. However, this treatment backfired. It only increased his guilt and built shame, which eventually made him relapse.

After extensive research, Chris was able to discover holistic healing of addiction, through which his son was able to recover from his addiction. This event inspired Chris and Pat to open a place, where individuals can come and relax to rediscover themselves and recover peacefully. They wanted to promote one-on-one therapy sessions with a wide array of natural services to give powerful, everlasting results. This is how Passages Malibu came into being the best private rehab with a true purpose of helping other individuals in a luxury environment.